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Learn Blackjack in a Jiffy

One of the easiest casino games to learn is blackjack, which accounts for its tremendous popularity. The length of time you need to learn blackjack would equal the time it would take you to read this article. Now, set your watch and start reading.

First of all, you need to know that all the players on the table including the dealer will receive two cards which will make up their hand's count. All face cards, which are the kings, queens and jacks, are worth 10 points each while an Ace is worth 1 or 11, depending on which of these two values you need for your hand. All the other cards are worth their face value, so a three of diamonds, for instance, is worth 3 points.

Secondly, you don't play against other players at the table because your objective is to beat the dealer, who is required as the last one to act, so you have to decide and act according to what hand you reckon he has. Try to beat the dealer by having a higher hand without going over 21, otherwise you "bust" and you're out of the game.

The game starts after all players have placed their bets on the table. Every body is dealt two cards face down, while one of the dealer's cards is dealt face up. If you like the value of your hand, you can "stand," which basically means that you pass and your turn is over. But if you reckon that you need another card based on the dealer's face up card, then you can "hit" and the dealer deals you another card. You can keep on hitting but careful that the total value of your cards does not to go over 21, other wise you bust.

If you are dealt two identical cards like 2 sevens, then you can split them and play two hands, but you have to double your bet. Splitting is a technique that could give greater wins, but could make you lose a big chunk of your money, as well. Analyze the situation before you split and never split face cards or a pair of tens. If the value of your hand is 11, you can also double down by doubling your bet and take one final card. There are tables that allow doubling for less your original bet from $200, for example, to $100.

All bets in blackjack are paid in even money, which means that if you bet $200, you win $200. However, if the value of your first two cards equaled 21, you are said to have a blackjack. To have a blackjack, you must have either a face card or a regular ten card and one Ace, which you can value at 11. A blackjack pays you 150 percent more, so if you place a $200 bet on the table and got a blackjack, you would win $300.

What's so wonderful about blackjack is that if it's easy to learn, it's even easier to play. So why not log-in to your favorite online casino and play a few hands yourself?

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