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Hi/Lo Card Counting Exercise to Master Card Values

If you want to learn card counting then the Hi/Lo count will be a great system to start with. After learning the value system used in Hi/Lo the big roadblock to further advancement of this skill is keeping the tally in your head. This is the part where everything really slows down until you train your eyes and your mind to make an instant count when you see a card dealt.

Here's a very simple exercise that will not only help you master Hi/Lo card counting but this exercise will also help you with learning other more complex card counting systems. After you master this exercise you'll be able to use it whenever you switch from Hi/Lo to a different card counting system and back. All you will need in this card counting exercise is a deck of cards.

So here's how our little card counting exercise works. You need to shuffle your deck of cards first at the beginning of every run through the deck. Next, you then turn the cards one by one on the table. As you turn a card you then tell yourself the value that card is given in Hi/Lo. You either say plus one or minus one as you turn each card. You don't need to say anything when one of the neutral cards turns up since that is assigned a zero value in Hi/Lo.

This part of the exercise trains your mind to quickly recognize a card and then decide which value to assign. You don't have to pick up the pace at this stage since what we're aiming at is to make an accurate decision every time. Accuracy is important in Hi/Lo and other card counting systems. You should be able to instantly tell what value a card has in spite of all the distractions in a casino.

If you notice, you're not really tracking down which cards are out and which cards are still on the deck. You're just declaring point values for each card drawn. This helps you a lot with the next phase of the exercise.

If you feel you've already got it all down and can turn a card and instantly decide if its value then we move off to the second phase. On the second phase you'll still be doing the first part of the exercise, the only addition we'll make is making a running total in our head. You start from zero, and if you say plus one your tally goes up by one point. Of course minus one means you subtract one from your running total.

After you finish with the whole deck your running total should boil down to zero since Hi/Lo is a balanced card counting system. After making accurate tallies then you can pick up the pace.

Hi/Lo card counting is a good system to start with. This exercise will help you with Hi/Lo and other card counting methods as well.

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