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Making Catch Up Bets in Blackjack Tournaments

You will be making catch up bets in blackjack tournaments most of the time. There will only be a few rounds where you will not have to, which makes understanding the elements of catch up bets really significant in blackjack tournaments. A usual decision every player has to make is when and how much of a catch up bet should be made in order to win a round.

A familiar situation in blackjack tournaments will be catching up to leading players. You will be doing this a lot rather than leading the pack in the chip count. You will often see the players who are ahead to make really huge wagers for every hand. Don't be tempted to do the same since you don't have as much chips as they do. What you should rather do is make sizable bets to keep your bankroll going in hope that the dealer will win and cripple the leaders, which will happen eventually if they keep on making those large bets.

Now, waiting for the dealer isn't the only thing you can do to catch up to the leaders of the game. You should watch their bet sizes carefully waiting for them to make small bets. Once the pack leaders begin to make small wagers, this is a signal for you to plan to make a catch up bet and take the lead. The idea is to gain the lead in one wager than to do it in a series of wagers. Remember that you have a limited number of hands per round in a blackjack tournament. If you find yourself only within one max bet to take the lead then it's a good idea to make your catch up bet.

You don't just make your catch up bet any time. Other than the above signals we've mentioned so far there is yet another thing you might like to observe. Timing your catch up bet will make your move optimal. If there are still some hands left before your round gets to the final hand, you should wait until the button passes you before you make your catch up bet. The idea is to see the bet sizes of all your opponents so you can gauge how much of a catch up you need to make.

You will be making a lot of catch up bets for an entire blackjack tournament. How and when you make your catch up bets are crucial to a winning strategy. After some practice you will learn the art of making catch up bets in blackjack tournaments.

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