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Blackjack 101: Blackjack Odds Charts
Stand, hit or double down? Use blackjack odds charts to know your odds of busting a hand or being dealt a natural. Count cards to keep track of the changing odds.
Blackjack Etiquette: What are they?
Blackjack etiquette is important since you are not playing alone. In blackjack you interact with other players and with the dealer. It is best to be polite at all times and always stick on the right side.
Blackjack Strategies for Pairs, Hard & Soft Totals
Blackjack strategies for pairs and hard/soft totals require different approaches and must thus be played accordingly. Avoid missteps and win more Blackjack games by applying the correct strategies for pairs and hard/soft totals.
Blackjack: Know When and How to Get Your Goals
Many players hope to win the game of blackjack. But those who really can achieve this usually think about the 'how' and 'when' to do the things needed for them to win.
Hi/Lo Card Counting Exercise to Master Card Values
Hi/Lo is a great card counting system to start from if you want to learn how to count cards. A simple exercise of keeping track of card values in a deck helps you master Hi/Lo counting. It will also be a great exercise for other card counting systems.
Learn Blackjack in a Jiffy
Blackjack is so appealing because not only is it a game of skill, but also one that is so easy to learn and play.
Making Catch Up Bets in Blackjack Tournaments
You will always be making catch up bets in blackjack tournaments. Making catch up bets should be a familiar scenario to any player. You should learn how and when to make catch up bets and master this important skill.
Online Blackjack Games With Live Dealers
If you play online blackjack with a live dealer, you would notice that there ain't no difference at all compared to regular games of online blackjack. Once you are already used to the regular games, then adjusting to a live dealer will not be a great concern at all.
The Amazing World of Blackjack
Blackjack is a popular casino game that has transformed beautifully over the years. It offers a lot of fun and thrilling experience for all the players who have loved the game over the years.
The Way of Blackjack Cards
Blackjack is being played with eight decks of cards. The cards are being shuffled by the dealer and the players take turn in making a cut on every set of shuffled cards.
Which One is the Blackjack Table?
A blackjack table is an important component in a blackjack game. Identifying the blackjack tables amidst the many tables inside the casino is quite easy to do.
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