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The Way of Blackjack Cards

Shuffling the cards

Blackjack cards consist of a deck of cards or up to eight decks of cards. The whole set of cards is called the deck. Now, shuffling a set of Blackjack cards requires a lot of principles; The blackjack cards are being shuffled by the dealer. When the dealer finished shuffling a deck of cards he asks one of the players to make a cut on the deck. The player on the left side of the dealer makes the cut on the deck of cards after it has been initially shuffled. Every time a set of blackjack cards is being shuffled, the dealer will ask one of the players to make a cu on the deck of cards, that is from the players on the left of the dealer moving onto the player in his right side. In cutting a deck of cards, the player takes a solid plastic card and inserts this to the set of blackjack cards. Then the dealer places the cards at the bottom of the deck to the top.

When the cut in the set of blackjack cards is finished, the dealer then takes one card from top of the deck of cards and is being removed from play. This is called a "burn" card which is being placed at the discard box where all the discarded cards are being collected after each hand.

The deck of cards are then placed into the shoe, a box made of wood wherein the eight deck of cards are being placed, with a plastic card. On a regular play , when the plastic card is reached, the on going hand is put into finish and the next deck of cards is being re-shuffled again before continuing the game. The place where this plastic card is located is called the " penetration."

Betting Bets should be placed before the dealer deals the cards, for players to be able to play for the next round of blackjack. Players who are not able to put their bets will have to wait for the next hand.

Dealing the blackjack cards The dealer deals the cards such that; 1.Each player will receive his card face up, and the dealing of the cards run in clockwise direction around the table starting from the left side of the dealer. 2.The dealer then have his first card, face down, and this is called a "hole" card. 3.The second card is then being dealt , face up 4.The dealer also has his second card, face up also.


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