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Which One is the Blackjack Table?

You will know that you are at a blackjack table if the following elements are present.

The typical shape of a blackjack table is semi-circular and it can accommodate to about five to seven players. When you can see a number of blackjack tables grouped together in an area of the casino, that is called the pit. The pit bosses are the casino employees that are assigned to overlook the games in the pit.

Each blackjack table has its own game rules and these are usually written on the surface that is visible to the players. These game rules usually identify the payout for the blackjack or natural 21, if the dealer will hit for the soft 17 or not, if the insurance bet is offered or not, and many more.

Beneath the written game rules of the blackjack table, you can see some five or seven circles that is the betting area of the table and each circle corresponds to a seat on the side of the table. The first seat at the blackjack table directly to the left of the dealer is usually called as the first base. The seat to the farthest right of the dealer at the blackjack table is called as the third base.

Right in front of the dealer on the blackjack table is the chip rack. The chips on this rack will be use for the buy-ins and for paying out the winning bets. You can see a poster on the blackjack table stating the table minimum as well as the maximum amount of bet accepted for a single hand. Software of online blackjack were able to simulate the appearance of a blackjack table like the table layout, cards, and chip rack.

Blackjack table limits can be changed any time of the day by simply replacing the former poster with a new one indicating both the table limit and maximum bet acceptable. Blackjack tables have also a plastic or wooden box that is called a shoe and it is use to hold several number of card decks. For blackjack tables that have a shoe on it, it means that it is a multi-deck game. But if you can't see any shoe on the blackjack table, it means that it is a single or two-deck game.

All players at the blackjack table are playing against the dealer's hand. Not only will the dealer play according to the rules of the dealer's hand, he is also responsible for the buy-ins of chips as well as dealing the cards to the players.

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